The Wall.

august 2nd, 2016

i climbed a tall wall. i climbed it all.

erica at the wall the wall

Vlad and i went to Canada the other weekend for Amanda's international camping birthday party. i'd kept an open mind about maybe doing some outdoor climbing but when we were out there, nyope, didn't wanna. So i chilled out in the woods while others climbed and i enjoyed the Camping Experience and it was great.

Back stateside though, Vlad hankered for more sport climbing. We practiced with harnesses and ropes from the safety of the kitchen. All cool. Then we got to the Avondale climbing gym and i freaked. i'd pictured a space similar to the other sport climbing gym we'd been to a couple years ago. But this gym was much taller, much more intimidating. Like an airport hangar with spiderpeople hanging off the walls.

Truly: i might've freaked no matter where we'd gone to climb. That's possible.

“i'm not gonna climb,” i said. “i'll belay you though.” Vlad was wonderful and understanding. We ate some candy and waited for our turn to take the belay test. In between the sugar and the understanding husband, i regained some courage.

“You guys are climbers?” asked the belay tester (Max).

“Sortof. i married into climbing,” i said. Max liked that! And you know me. When people laugh at my jokes i'm invincible.

Vlad and i aced the belay test. Vlad surprised me by “falling” unexpectedly off the wall during the test. That was actually what he was supposed to do but i was still surprised. When *i* fell, i yelled “TAKE!” and then “FALLING!” like i'd seen the climbers do in Canada. Anyway i caught Vlad on the rope like a pro.

Then Vlad climbed that central pillar pictured above. And then i wanted to climb the pillar! And i did! i went right up, no pauses, no panic. Here's something you probably don't know: this July i worked out six days a week with zumba and yoga. i wanted to try something different for mind and body.

All that exercise made a big impact on mood and body, but especially made a big change in my biceps. Hell yes. Strength! Ok but then so on the wall there was new joy in seeing that new muscle translate into new abilities and physical confidence.

Vlad was so proud. i'm so proud! It's cool to change your mind :)

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