Adapt or Die.

march 25th, 2020

Hello, lurkers and rare visitors. Hello, Colleen.

This post marks two months since the coronavirus arrived in Chicago and about two weeks since the US President banned travel from Europe to the US.

Millions of people could die of the virus this year. More could die due to the collapse of the global supply chain. i fear that the virus will mutate to impact young people and a much more dire panic will eclipse any baseline anxiety felt now.

i let my horniness guide my optimism. i hope that most of us emerge from our homes some months from now with gorgeous light faces, having eaten lots of rice and beans, had good healthy poops, felt less stress away from the office, and all of us joyful to congregate outside again.

i suspect that if the 2020 US elections are not cancelled or suspended, and if indeed the Democratic nominee prevails, it will be because elderly populations in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin are dead or sick this fall. “COVID will be like voter suppression for Republicans,” Vlad says.

i hope that Americans figure out it is empirically better for all of us to end utility shut-offs. Why shut off utilities? Just keep them on! End rent, while we're at it. End loan interest. my friend Tom Harrison's answer to the perennial, “how will they pay for it?” question: “pay for it with the money, you dimwits!!”

i hope for a boom in telecommuting, and thus we see a precipitous drop-off in carbon emissions.

i hope most people become accidentally often effectively vegan (rice and beans!!) and thus we see a second precipitous drop-off in carbon emissions.

i hope this time is an effective dry run for the types of mass action and lifestyle sacrifices required to respond to climate change.

So, clearly i'm letting other factors guide my optimism. But horniness is definitely my guidestar.

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