Little Guy.

october 26th, 2018

There's a little guy inside me, hiccuping, right now as i type.

Some parts of this process (“this process”) (i won't name the process, but you're a smart person, you've figured it out already) yes indeed some parts of this process have been exactly as i expected. Kicks. The kicks feel just like i imagined. They feel like a tiny man inside me, kicking. If you have a decent imagination then close your eyes and you can experience kicks too!

The last couple weeks of movements have been more as if the little guy is trying to see how far he can poke his feet outside of my body. He'll test one area for a while. Take a nap. Then move on to a different area. Often it's not a feeling of a strike or a reflex, but like a tiny whale trying to surface through my tummy. i did not expect that!

The hiccups too were hard to imagine, but just like true love, when i felt it i knew. i said, “oh yes, i get it, yes this is exactly that thing.”

Another strange feeling: my ribs forceably expanding, my internal organs rearranged like a closet.

i've been having a very easy process. No trouble sleeping. No acne. No blurry vision or major imbalances. No diabetes or hypertension. i might just be lucky or genetically predisposed to such, but i like to believe that the major investments i've made in my health the last six years have contributed, namely: commitment to physical exercise, commitment to not working in offices, therapy and mental health care, sobriety, a diet high in vegetables and low in animal protein …

Tho probably the most important health factor, the one which makes all others possible, has been true love. All the good things fall from holding Sweet V close to me!

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