Review: Ten Sexy Ladies.

september 4th, 2013.

“Review” is a strong word. Here and henceforth all my “reviews” will be love letters to things I love or “like” “that way.”

I am in the back patio Cafe 53 snorting coffee through my nose onto my Kindle Fire reading Ten Sexy Ladies.

Ten Sexy Ladies

And then, because I'm in a weird mood (SPOILER ALERT: I'm always in a weird mood) I lick the coffee off of the Kindle screen, which causes the browser to scroll UP and UP and UP. Then I remove my sweaty black lycra cotton blend shirt and wipe my face then armpits and pull out an identical black lycra cotton blend shirt from my Ortlieb bike pannier. I don the clean shirt. My nostrils burn like Kindle Fire. I tremble in the aftershocks of continued maniac lone woman laughter.

I am reborn.

Later I will recount this entire exciting episode to Vlad and Marcel and Colleen, and Marcel will ask what post did it with the coffee, what line? and I will crack open that Kindo again and scroll to this post to read it out loud. But I can't finish a single paragraph. I can't even inhale. So Vlad takes the device away and reads it to us instead. He gives me some water but before I can safely drink I have to ask him to stop reading and then clear my mind like the Ghostbusters when Gozar tells them to choose the form of The Destructor.

Ten Sexy Ladies is a gift to humanity from its author Joshua Allen, the genius of Denver, Colorado, city of the Nightmare Airport Horsey.

Bronco outside Denver Internataional Airport