Audio: Things I Do Not Wanna Deal with Today.

september 18th, 2013.

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Today is Wednesday, September 18th. Here are some things that I do not want to deal with today.

On the stove is a pot full of chickpeas that I left to soak overnight, maybe make some hummus. That was four nights ago. I just pulled the lid off the pot. The chickpeas are covered in maybe five or six inches of white foam. I did not smell the fermented chickpeas. I'm gonna have to clean them up at some point. I do not wanna deal with that.

Right now I'm wearing yesterday's shirt and a pair of men's long underwear. I look over at the bathroom, think about a shower. I do not want to deal with that today.

I'm auditioning a new therapist at 5:30, her office is in Evanston, and I'm not exactly sure how to bike there. Biking to Evanston confuses me. I always feel like I'm traveling inside tesseract space and the path makes an odd number of 90 degree left turns and yet it is always running north. I could take the train, but I want to bike, because I was due to take a long run today, but a long run is another thing that I do not want to deal with today.

And, going to therapy. I kinda don't want to deal with that today, either.

A corporate client wants me to make an animated gif. 1998 is calling. They want their web strategy back. Making an animated gif to sell credit cards, or maybe legal services this time. I do not want to deal with that today.

I'm stuck at home right now waiting for FedEx to deliver something. So. I don't want to be dealing with that either. What are they delivering, it's some toner. I need it to print out color photos that I'm attaching to a letter I wrote to Vlad's grandfather, the poet Mihai Doroftei. Vlad translated the letter. Vlad is awesome. Sending international mail: now THAT. That is something I want to deal with today. So.

Just thinking about that perked me right up! Hope you all are well, and, dealing with things that you like. Hope you all are well! Hope-ho ... I think I'm gonna include ... yes! Alright, bye.

Music: Imagine for Image by Milch of Source.