Dark Dish.

april 16th, 2014

I did the thing that I always swear I'm not gonna do and then I do it. I'm corporate temping again. Just until the end of the week.

This place isn't called “Dish” but “Dish” is kinda close to the actual name so let's pretend that's the name.

So there's a callbox outside and I have to call to be let in to work. This morning when I called, the Director of Ops answered and said, “come on in!” and there was like a half second before the buzzer rang to indicate the door was unlocked.

And then I imagined that this was Dark Dish, and the buzzer never actually rings, and the Director of Ops is upstairs watching me from the feed delivered by the security camera protruding like a blue pimple next to the callbox. She's watching, saying, “I just buzzed you. You didn't hear it? Try again. Again. Try again. So weird. I'm letting you in. Push. There's no buzzer? I'm buzzing you right now.”


She's a very nice lady in real life. In Real Dish. I'm getting too paranoid. A little paranoia is fun. This is maybe too much. Gotta get out of here (Friday).