Clinton/Cheney - Homoerotic Poetic Fiction

may 9th, 2014

If you missed Litmash on Monday, or were there and wish to re-live, here tis:

You guys, I wanna make people laugh. When clients or bosses interview me and ask what my passions are, how to explain that my passions will never include writing their corporate spam, or coding Facebook games. My passion will never have “Facebook” in its name.

The word “passion” at its root means “pain.” Passion is a well of darkness you repel into, where the choice is creation, or madness. That is passion.

I tell the clients and bosses that I love writing superb, clean code—which is true. But I'm never gonna feel passion about making websites.

On a sexist note, something Nikki said a while ago, which, when I repeat, makes women laugh and men not laugh—she was talking about her co-workers, and how the dudes are funny'ish, but the ladies! The ladies are funny.

Nikki said, “you know, you hear all the time that 'women are funnier than men, men just aren't that funny' ... but I'm starting to think it's true!