Pet Peef.

december 29th, 2015

Vlad is annoyed by  BEWARE OF DOG  signs. “It should be ‘beware of THE dog’. Or ‘beware: dog.’” This is one of his rare pet peeves.

Generally Vlad's reactions to the world range from “delight” to “no worries” so it's a treat for me when he gets worked up over a grammar thing. For reference, my reactions to the world disproportionately range from “irritated rage” to “seething frustration” to “raucous laughter.”

Another similar Vlad peeve:  NO STEP  written on airplane wings. “What do I do? Do I not step? WHERE do I not step? Impossible to tell from that instruction!” says Vlad.

i'm certainly one to get irritated by grammar and usage, cf this ancient blug post. But those particular two usages that get to Vlad don't get to me.

Well then so yesterday at Boston Logan we were camped out in Terminal B near a kiosk and mini‑spa called  be relax  and ARGH!! That one did it.

be relax spa | Boston Logan Terminal B

No. Absolutely not.