Higher Love.

may 31st, 2016

The show at the Green Mill was amazing. At the end of my set Vlad brought me flowers on stage. Someone from the audience asked, “are those from Whole Foods?”

i said, “i believe they are. Given how i said, ‘hey sweetie, i would love to get flowers at the Green Mill show. Maybe you'll stop by Whole Foods?’” Big laugh from the audience. They laughed because they knew it was true!

kissing Vlad after he brings me Whole Foods flowers at my feature slam poetry set at the Green Mill Uptown Poetry Slam

Our parents are visiting this weekend. i say “our parents” meaning my biological parents, but Vlad likes to claim them as his too. Mom calls him “son‑in‑love.” When the language doesn't fit, change the language.

(when culture doesn't fit, change the culture)