The Sound of the Room.

december 10th, 2016

Vlad told me about an Alvin Lucier experiment of recording spoken audio, then recording the playback of the recording, then recording that playback, again and again until there's no recognizable audio. “What you're left with is the sound of the room itself,” said Vlad.

i didn't realize that the recorded audio is actually a description of the experiment itself (further recursion). Within only a few iterations the words are unintelligble. It's so cool!

i'm working my way through Alan Watt's The 90‑Day Screenplay. Today i'm on Day 24. The assignments for the last ten days or so has included a one page summary of the movie and a three page outline of the script. This has had a cool and surprising effect on my writing. Resonant ideas get stronger, weaker ideas drop out, solutions reveal themselves. The process takes me out of my own conscious head and into a subconscious room i cannot see, but that i can learn the shape of via iteration.