Tub Notes.

february 3rd, 2017

Every day this week, around 2pm or so, tremendous physical fatque strikes. i'm too worked up to nap, and also i hate naps, so i play zombie, and my body lives and my spirit retreats. What is liek to be black in the United States now? What is it like to wear a hijab in the United Staes now? To be black, to wear a hijab, and be a PARENT now? To be those ever, but now?? To be differently abled, to be chronically ill, to be queer, to be poor ... What is it like to be politically indifferent in the United States, now? OOoohh tell me what is it like?? Tell me a fairy tale of not caring, please. i am writing this in the bathtub. That was my compromise to relax without computer or nap. How about the tub. Great idea. Did you know, you can write blog posts from the tub? There's no rules. It's beautiful. i don't have the privilege of imagingin everything will be ok. i am married to an Eastern European son of an autocratic regime. i added some new subfolders to my folder of articles and screenshots documenting the regime. one folder: /china/  and other: /jokes/  Jokes ar ea vital tool of resistance. Jokes are survival. Here are the contents of /jokes/ to date: "The EPA is bad," Sean Spicer says, pulling out a bag of paint chips and slowly eating them. "Yum, lead," he grimaces. "Nature's candy." - @missokistic - 12:12AM - 24 Jan 2017 BREAKING: Senate GOP changes rules so that their mouths are sewn directly onto Steve Bannon's asshole. Said Mitch McConnell, "MMMHHMMHMMMM." - @JohnnyMcNulty - 10:08 AM - 1 Feb 2017 There are more black people inside Beyoncé right now than in Donald Trumps entire cabinet - @MrBrunoMajor - 1:18 PM - 1 Feb 2017 For the last time, son, there were emails. [still from The Road] - @thatdutchperson - 4:32 PM - 2 Feb 2017 left button: Special snowflake leftists need their safe spaces! right button: Leftists are violent thugs! Milo sweating, unsure what to push Trump did what????? Thats crazy. Be blessed - @MrGee54 - 10:12 AM - 2 Feb 2017 i believe it will get bad. But i also believe that he, Eric, Tiffany, Stephen Kevin, maybe Jared and Kellyanne too if she gets careless — they'll all end up in prison. And President Warren, or Booker, or Gillibrand: she will restore rule of law. And perhaps even have the courage to restore checks on power — for Presidents, for majority parties. Maybe that's a fiction, that there were meaningfully greater checks on power in the past. Well maybe she'll have the courage to create them. Anyway so i'm both hopeful and desparing, and also still in the bathtub. Vlad will be home soon. We've been watching — well, rather, we JUST started watching Glitch, an Austalian sci fi / supernatural show. i already love it! "You love it because there's very little yelling. That's one of your favorite qualities in a show," said Vlad. Husband knows!