2017 in Review.

january 1st, 2018

things i did in 2017

made 54 calls to my representatives in government
camped with Vlad in Southern Illinois in the path of the solar eclipse totality
exercised 189 times
started practicing jiu jitsu
did a handstand for the first time
celebrated five years of sobriety
celebrated two years of marriage
bought a house


developed nine websites
got comfortable with Pelican

read Dhalgren

the periodic table of the elements
Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame inductees
Acting and Supporting Acting Oscar winners 1977‑2016
titles of Shakespeare's plays
Super Bowl winners
and People magazine's sexiest men alive

made a dope as hell porg costume

erica's dope as hell porg costume

posted five blog posts to Tacky Harper's Cryptic Clues
posted twelve blog posts here
appeared on three podcast episodes:
You Don't Understand: The Thing
You Don't Understand: Kill La Kill

performing at Nerdologues

named a podcast
posted nine YouTube videos
wrote thirty poems in April
headlined three times as featured poet at The Green Mill
wrote two new chapbooks: unpopular marriage advice and LOGIC
co‑produced twelve shows for The Skewer
co‑published The Skewer's Best Of 2016 book
made shrunken head art (current favorite political statement)

Mitch McConnell with shrunken head | erica dreisbach

goals for 2018

develop ten minutes of standup comedy
make 20 large ink and watercolor drawings
make 108 calls to government representatives
help ten people register to vote or confirm their voter registration
attend a town meeting

install a swing on our porch
replace our vinyl kitchen backsplash with some dope ceramic tile
build a backyard garden

screenwrite for at least 20 minutes a day
complete three feature length screenplays even if they're bad (especially if they're bad)

read 20 books
names and missions of all twelve men who've been to the moon
the Greek alphabet
the Cyrillic alphabet
Morse code
World Series champions
NBA champions
WNBA champions
US Vice Presidents

and keep doing what i'm already doing
keep building and rocking The Skewer
keep daily cartoon journaling
keep sobriety
keep loving (practice loving every day)