2019 in Review.

january 1st, 2020

Ok here's what i did last year:

made 45 calls to my representatives in government
won a lawsuit
read 10 books
launched 3 websites

performed at The Skewer 6 times
played a set at Bread + Butter Cafe in my hometown

erica dreisbach plays an acoustic set at Bread + Butter Cafe

celebrated seven years of sobriety

maintained a daily diary
outlined Draft Two of SMOTHER

got good enough at Romanian that native speakers now think i'm joking when i say (in Romanian), “i'm sorry, i speak very well but i understand only a little”

hung out a lot with my husband and new roommate

cleared out our CD and DVD collections

cleaned and organized my parents' kitchen drawers without consent*
* i don't have “BEFORE” pictures which might help clarify why the cleaning was necessary and why i had reason to believe consent would not be granted. But here are “AFTER” pictures:

four kitchen drawers that are NEAT and ORGANIZED

goals for 2020

quit Twitter
celebrate eight years of sobriety
visit Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage
drastically reduce the amount of plastic we send to landfill
write Draft Two of SMOTHER
learn more jiu jitsu
draw the world map freehand from memory

participate in at least one voter registration effort in a neighboring swing state (Michigan, Wisconsin)

hang out a lot with my husband and roommate