i wish that men were afraid to touch women.

january 21st, 2021

Today i'm letting myself feel encouraged and hopeful for the future. Dr. Arwady credibly believes that by May of this year, anyone who wants a vaccination in Chicago will be able to get one [source]. Yes, please!

my high school physics teacher's younger daughter believes that the government will insert tracking devices in the vaccine. At least, that's what she posted online last year. But why would the government need to inject a tracking device, when we wear tracking devices willingly (phones)? When we walk past ubiquitous cameras indoors and out, their footage subject to easy subpoena and readily dissected by facial recognition software? When we already submit our electronic selves to constant monitoring by MUSCULAR and PRISM? Remember those? Those programs are still running!

If they want you, they're gonna get you. The maniacs who attacked the Capitol are learning that.

But, in fairness to Jojo, the US government also has a history of overkill.

The new US President has swiftly undone much of the nasty paperwork of the the last four years. His predecessor didn't work very hard, the incoming team keeps their papers organized, and fliff swoop swipe, the Keystone Pipeline is cancelled.

i wish that the President's admitted history of putting his hands on female staff was an automatic disqualifier to the office. i wish that men were afraid to touch women. But i am also glad of the man's swift pen and optimism.