Achievements 2021

february 20th, 2022

Today i'd like to feel proud of myself and realized i didn't previously tally up my achievements of 2021! Here they are:

  • launched three websites
  • refactored to score 100s on Google PageSpeed Insights
  • submitted SMOTHER to eight screenwriting contests
  • placed in the top 500 (!) of Nicholl submissions in my genre
  • performed live(! once!) at Louder Than a Mom
  • drew seven Independence Parka comics —
Independence Parka #9
  • broke the handle clean off of a stroller
busted stroller handle
  • safely traveled to Colorado and Los Angeles
  • drove from Chicago to Vermont and back
    by far my longest roadtrip as a co-driver
  • took a “beach vacation” at home (video)
  • avoided contracting COVID-19*
    * = never tested positive for COVID-19
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