Good Mornings.

november 5th, 2022

i had a milestone birthday this year and aging is on my mind. Unambiguously, the vector of my body-face-and-health points down; i can only exert some control over the steepness of the gradient.

However! Not everything is getting worse! i work out a couple times a week at the local field house and as of this fall am able to burn 1,000 calories in one hour. When i first worked out on aerobic machines twenty years ago my goal was always 10 calories per minute and i'd go for maybe 30 minutes. Now i average 15-19 calories per minute and go for 60-65 minutes. And “one thousand” is such a big beautiful number. i am but human. i like the big numbies!

Today i'm probably not at my peak exercise health (that time was probably ten years ago when i ran 30+ miles per week) but it's exciting to have ongoing evidence of getting better. What was recently an out-of-reach dream goal is now something i do on a typical Tuesday.

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