Photos: Birthday 2013.

september 16th, 2013.

For my birthday Saturday, Vlad + I went to an estate sale in Orland Park. Check out the Ham Dogger! Makes hot dog-shaped patties out of your hamburger meat! Only $6 that's not a deal that's a steal!

“I love thinking that this was an invention that started out as just the name, and then the person made it happen,” V said.

On the drive down, we passed by Hackney's Horses in Palos Park. “Hey, later I need to pick up some hackne medication, for my hace,” I said.

“I don't get it,” said V.

Hackney's Horses in Palos Park, IL | Photo courtesy: Hackney's

V got me flowers from Steven's flower shop in Hyde Park. So pretty-pretty. Impress and delight your girlfriend today!

Flowers from Cornell Florist

My brother Chris sent me the STYLOPHONE! You play it with a stylus, kinda like how you made notes on your Palm Pilot® in 1998. The Stylophone sounds a lot like the instrument in the American The Office© theme song. It is awesome.

Mame made a glorious chocolate cake.

Barbara made a cake, too! “Zoopah yum!” as she and her fellow Germans say! Party like your metabolism isn't slowing down!!!