More Bed Bugs (Morbid Bugs).

march 2nd, 2014.

Tried out what Longhair John at Kim's Hardware suggested: raise the bed, and Vaseline around the risers. Bed bugs aren't good climbers.

Vaseline around bed risers | bed bug home remedy

Either this home remedy is bullshit, or I don't understand how to apply Vaseline. Vlad was bitten all over last night, and the sheet was left speckled with telltale blood.

Blood on sheet: bed bug calling card

Next steps: bed bug trap underneath the bed, bed risers submerged in Tupperware filled with diatomaceous earth, and probably (g0ddammit) another spraying. Two or three sprayings is the standard anyway: first time to get the adults, and second and third times for when larvae hatch. Landlord Sam is just cheap and hoping to get away with the single spray. But then, I would also like to get away with such. So.

I feel so guilty that last night's attack targeted Vlad. “Yeah, but you take more showers than I do,” he said. The bed bug trap is something Vlad found on the Internet. It uses CO2 to trick bugs into climbing up a jar wrapped in easy-to-climb paper towel. They fall inside the smooth glass jar. They can't get out.

I look to my talismans: tiny gorilla, rabbit, Buddha, Ganesh. “Be strong,” they say.