Jim Neighbors.

december 19th, 2015

Back in May when we were looking for an apartment, Vlad suggested we consider new neighborhoods.

“No!” i wailed. “Our friends are here! Marcel and Colleen. Lucie, Becca and Spencer. Alex and Emily, Jarvis and Niki …”

“Marcel and Colleen are gonna move when he graduates. Same with Alex and Emily, Javis and Niki too at some point. The neighborhood is changing. Whole Foods is here*.”
* a bad thing

“No!” i wailed. “What about Packer and Julie and Khale and Jake?”

“Who are they?”

“They work at Metropolis. What about Dave and Jeff and Tonja?”

“Who are they?”

“They work at CVS.”

“Are they really your friends?”

“We have a warm relationship. What about Scott at Indy Spirits? What about Alicia and Dark Scott at LA Fitness? What about Mr Bell and Caroline and Fox and Janet?”

“I know who Lord Tony Bell is …”

“Caroline sells Streetwise at Broadway and Granville, Fox is sometimes outside Walgreens, Janet is the older lady who asks for a dollar.”

“Most of these so‑called neighborhood friends are people who work at stores, and homeless people.”

i said, “so?”

** Mr Bell is a neighborhood character. High charisma, wears a nice trenchcoat, in his late 40s maybe? Posts goth rock music online. He's also a big fan of me and Vlad :)