T eam.

june 22nd, 2017

Draft tshirt design for my trivia team, Third Podium. The big tournament is next month.

drawing of six women sit around a table shouting 'Who is Third Podium?'

The team is all Jeopardy veterans, and five out of six of us stood at the third podium. It is very fun to play with smart women who aren't bashful about being smart.

Today as i was leaving jiu jitsu class Coach Mack noticed the Rubik's cube in my hand. “Do you always carry one of those around?” he asked.

“i like people to know that i'm smart,” i said. And i wish i wish, oh how i wish, i wish i could give you a jpeg of the smile that Coach gave me. It was a smile like a hug to an overwhelmed child, like “c'mere you!” It was a smile like my jiu jitsu style suddenly made more sense to him. At least, that's how i saw it.

“What's your record?” Ben asked, like in that “what kind of guitar is that?” way.

“One nine,” i said. i am smart. The people need to know.

The legislation in the Senate is a nightmare. i'm frustrated at the possibility of another narrow loss. i'm tired of narrow losses treated as mandates for psychos. The narrow loss in the November election. The narrow loss the other day in Georgia.

i'm tired of these decisions between “cake? or death?” and people who decide for everyone in the country choose death. i want a win. i want my anger and fear to help. Though it's my short polite calls to Congress, if anything, that help.

But maybe not. Maybe my anger and relentless collection of articles and data do help. Obstinance is strong jiu jitsu.