march 27th, 2014

Went for the first run in a long time on Tuesday. Got to thinking about past races and race paces. Here is some sweet tabular data:

Date Race Time Pace
2006 James Joyce Ramble (10k) 57:14 9:12 link
2009 SF Marathon (2nd half) 2:31:35 11:34 link
2009 Healdsburg Wine Country Half Marathon 1:55:54 8:51 link
2011 Chicago marathon (full) 5:14:38 12:00 link
2013 Chicago marathon (full) 4:25:41 10:08 link

The James Joyce Ramble features actors in period costume reading passages from Joyce along the route. The outlier zippity zip pace for the Healdsburg is because I ran it with my friend Dan VanderKam, who was an excellent male pacesetter. Both marathons were run mostly untrained, although I was at a fitness level where I could knock out 12 miles without much trouble.

I can imagine a future marathon time below 4 hours, but probably not much faster. Haven't had a regular running buddy since moving away from San Francisco. Running buddies greatly improve my pace. I get so excited! with someone to talk to! and I run faster!