august 31st, 2014

This morning I've been rapidly outlining a movie inspired in large part by the photo/Photoshopping on the right:

Thor | Loki | Loving embrace

Pictured: Thor and Natalie Portman (l); Thor and Loki in a loving embrace (r).

The movie on the right! I want to see it so badly!! Talk about forbidden love!!! Thank you, anonymous Shanghai arist!!!! So I'm writing this movie. Brokeback Mountain meets black Thor, starring Idris Elba and Tom Hiddleston.

I've been on a real homoerotic jag for the last year. Yes yes even moreso than other years. There was the story series about real-life pickup artists Mystery and Style. There was the poem Clinton/Cheney about the power-profit system but also some really hot stuff between Bill Clinton and Dick Cheney. There's the song Professor XO Magneto which, granted, I wrote in 2010 but will record for the first time today.

Harper's had a great article on romance novelists in February. The gist: in a world of declining book sales and increasingly shittier pay and publicity for authors who land “traditional” print deals, self-published romance novelists (most of them: women) are making money hand over fist. The literary establishment ignores them, the NY Times Book Review will never review them. Fuck those guys. These ladies are laughing all the way to the bank.

Vlad and I have talked idly of writing romance novels together under the pseudonym “Lovelace.” Something to think about. I've been creatively mining this lode for years, and it still feels like I've just scratched the surface.